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High School Team Tennis


Youth Team Tennis &
Junior Team Tennis @ LMTC
4845 Dallas Highway,
Powder Springs, GA 30127
(678) 492-6669

School Team Tennis
@ Your Local School


Mon-Thur: 3 pm – 10:00 pm

Fri: Inclement Weather Make ups, Semi & Private Lessons
Sat: Private Lessons &
Warm up Lessons

1:00 pm – Matches/Games
Sun: 3:30 pm Matches/Games
– Holidays off –

& Grade
Current school you will be attending
High school you will be attending

Policies & Release Statement: In consideration of accepting the above named participant in the Program, the undersigned parent/ Guardian hereby agrees that the Program has inherent risks for student injury and acknowledges and assumes the responsibility of potential injury to his/her child, and further agrees to indemnify and keep harmless Eric Highsmith, Raoul Bax, Dominion School, Cobb County Schools, Cobb County, Lost Mountain Tennis Center, & their employees against any & all liability claims, judgments or damages arising as a result of participation in our Program.  Furthermore, above-mentioned parties are not responsible for the supervision of participants either before or after regularly scheduled class time. We reserve the right to photograph and videotape Programs & participants for training, advertising, promotional activities & any other lawful purposes.  All fees must be received BEFORE the 1st day of the month.  There will be a $45 fee for any returned payments & may result in loss of reservation.  Practices, Lessons, & Drill fees will not be pro-rated except when agreed upon by Eric or Raoul in writing.  Space is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  In the event of inclement weather, we follow the public school closing decisions.