Provided by Coach Raoul Bax

(678) 978-2010

Stringing Rates(Labor included)
Own String: $20
Synthetic Gut: $25
Premium Synthetic/Hybrid/Polyester: $35 and up*
(prices vary based on quality and brand)
All stringing comes with a 24-48 hour turn-around guarantee!

Official Use only: Amount paid: Check#:___Date:___Initials:
Drop-off date and time: ________________

Stringing Form
(please fill out completely)
Name: ___________________________
Phone: ___________________________
Email: ____________________________
Racket Make and Model:
String (please check one):
 Synthetic Gut
 Premium Synthetic Gut
 Hybrid/Polyester
 Other ______ (specify)
Tension: Mains:__ Lbs.; Crosses: ___ Lbs.
Note: if left blank, recommended tension for racket will be used