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What to Bring to Camp –
1: Signed Registration Form  
2: Proper-sized tennis racket
3: Refillable water bottle (Large Waters, Rehydration Drinks)
4: Snacks (lots of snacks)  
5: Sweat towel & Swim Towel
6: Hat/Visor/Sunglasses  
7: Lunch  (bring A LOT of food and Drink)
8: Swim Suit if you are doing the Water Park afterwards  
9: Applied sunscreen and extra if needed 
10: Possibly a Sun Umbrella
11. A bike if you are planning on doing the High Fitness portion (BMX
12. A HELMET is required per Cobb County Rules to ride on the track
13. Did I mention food? FOOD!!! Bring lunch if you are hanging out with
us for the water park. All these are Great team bonding experiences.

Don’t forget –
· Parental pickup 10:15 am, we will head to the Bike park at this time.
· Parental/Guardian participation is required for water park & bmx track
for 14 and under
· Friday is makeup day for any inclement weather